We focus on the core technology of green hydrogen production

Changing the World - Starting from an Electrode

Independently developing leading catalysts for the world, innovating core technologies in the hydrogen energy industry starting from the microstructure


Precision Works · Industrial Grade Efficient Alkali/Seawater Electrolysis Tank

·Independently developing the world's first seawater hydrogen production electrolysis cell ·Independently designed and created the world's highest conversion efficiency record for alkaline water electrolysis cells

Hydrogen production 0.5-200Nm³/H

Energy consumption 4.1kwh

Electrolytic efficiency 86%

Zero carbon emissions throughout the hydrogen production process

We advocate for the green hydrogen energy cycle

While developing renewable energy on a large scale, we advocate the use of renewable energy such as wind and solar power for efficient and stable green hydrogen production, radiating to more industries.

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We are Turing Science and Technology Innovation

World leading renewable energy electrolysis hydrogen production technology and product supplier

We believe that the efficient, clean, and safe green hydrogen cycle will be widely applied in multiple industries such as chemical, metallurgical, and transportation in the future, creating a better future for humanity.

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